Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The guacemole that saved the day

on the way to somewhere

Another month goes by.

Words unwritten.

Trips to Canada to catch up with family, and nothing to write home about.

The land of rock and trees, water and puffy white clouds.

We took a ferry to Mayne island. The catalogue of disasters that befell youngest child in his attempts to join us were the stuff of a gripping movie. One that you wouldn't wish to see. Other people's travel disasters are really not that interesting, except when they might be about to miss the ferry.

We all made the ferry, by means not originally intended, and breathed a sigh of relief.

ferry to Mayne Island

The weather was kind.

We passed islands , trees and water.

More trees.

And more water.

water under the ferry

We stayed in a house by the seashore, and watched the ferries pass by in the distance, making their way between the islands, sounding their horns as they went..

It was idyllic.

We saw families of geese, and seals playing in the harbour.


We found jellyfish in rock pools.

Swam in the sea,

ate cake,

collected sticks, made fires ( some of us needed more matches than others, not having been given basic camp-fire building education in the highlands of Scotland where only one match was allowed).

how not to build a fire

And we went to the May fair, which was an extraordinarily joyful affair, with fancy dress, music and maypole dancing.

fancy hat contestant

maypole procession, Mayne Island

the queen and her followers

May Queen, Mayne Island
the maypole, Mayne Island

None of which I really wanted to write about.

The words just wouldn't come, and it was a private, family time.

But changes are afoot back home. OH ( my other half)  has had a slight change of diet, for 'health' reasons.

No more bacon and eggs for breakfast. No more smoke filled kitchen EVERY MORNING FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS.

We now share a box of muesli and fresh fruit. Oh joy.

The house smells so much more pleasant.

Last week the weather was beautiful. OH prepared a BBQ. Luckily there were no guests.

Delicious, totally burnt chicken. And other meats for OH of course.

I despaired once more.


Last night night I came home from London after a day of visiting and sitting on trains and found a meal prepared for me,

with ......


I nearly fell off my perch.

Not a plastic carton in sight ( almost)

No meat involved. Fresh coriander and chilli.

100% delicious.

Now that was worth putting fingers to keyboard for!


beaver lake in spring

rhododendrons, vancouver style.

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