Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Wish you were here - down under in Christchurch and Oamaru

I am down under.

New Zealand South island.


For some summer in winter.

To do some work, and to see some more of this country that I love so much.

A place with space, big scenery, almost no litter and a civilised pace of work. Where it is not too hot and the days are long.

Meanwhile my other half (OH) is dripping quietly doing some of his own work in India.

I do not wish I were there, but I sometimes wish he were here. Sharing new places is always better than lone exploration.

Until I start work I am in a limbo state, getting to know a new town and its people.

So I have been doing a few days as a tourist, while recovering from my jet lag, and looking out for things that OH would enjoy.

First stop, Hong Kong airport, for a tasty treat.

duck tongue

Next a bit of curry in Christchurch ( pre-earthquake)

There is a feeling of slow regeneration in Christchurch. Much of the centre of the city was destroyed.

Below you can see all that remains of the cathedral. OH climbed the tower on a previous visit, only 2 weeks before it collapsed.

Christchurch cathedral

In the art gallery I thought he might like the installation on the bridge.

OH is one for the destination rather than the journey. We differ in that respect.

I found it quite amusing. I love a path in the woods, even in a gallery.....

I am sure he would have had something to say too,  about the 'yellow' exhibition; not being a big fan of abstract art.

He can't say its not yellow.


I sat and crocheted a few stitches to add to this work, until I realised that I don't really know how to crochet and the ladies around me were putting me to shame with their speed and dexterity.

Back outside....

this scene has cones for me and Guinness for him.

cones and Guiness

There are more cones in Christchurch than anywhere else I know, due to the rebuilding programme.

earthquake damaged facade

One day it will look like this....

Next stop, Oamaru. Steam punk capital of New Zealand. My new workplace, and home for the next eight weeks.

I feel lucky.

OH can't fail to like it.

It has boats in a harbour.

And bacon butties.

Not to mention sausages.

It also has chillies. No meal is complete without some.

And a canon.

History and food.

Everything OH could need.


Everybody loves penguins.

the beach where yellow eyed penguins live.

Even sea lions love penguins.

But you have to be patient as  they are mostly only seen at dusk.

Sea lions are very patient, as this one was ready in the viewing stand at mid day.

sea lion waiting for the penguins at Oamaru harbour penguin viewing stand

So now I am ready to start work, and look forward to exploring further over the next few weeks. I'll know where the best food is by the time OH gets here, and he'll be happy as Larry.

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