Thursday, 13 July 2017

all over bar the shouting..... an MA visual art show goes up

installation in waiting

The annual MA show is nearly ready. Tonight is the night.

Blood, sweat and tears makes it's debut, and then I will gracefully bow out.

No more do I wish to get three hundred Whats-app messages daily about when I might like to sit in a room tucked away at the end of the corridor that no-one will find, as the invigilator for a show that is just work in progress for those who have another year of this game before they become famous.

No more trekking to London to find my route barred by builders, or the library closed for a staff meeting.

moving goods and workmen

But before the term is ended we must put on a show, and before we can put on a show we must paint the walls and make our shelves, and mop the floor.

Plug sockets must be hidden under paper and painted over the top.

roller practice

 Works will, by tonight have found their way out of bags and onto the newly painted plinths.

I got out of being a carpenter/painter by showing a piece of messy work that needs a messy plinth that had been discarded by a previous student.

not quite ready yet

floor art

not a mop - art not yet on the wall

plastic and scourer

hopeful shelf

not quite ready yet 2

tools are in short supply
not quite ready yet 3

white paint is de rigeur

but pink is more fun

now we are carpenters and decorators too

 As you can see, the floor is a mess. No one can clear all the splodges of white paint.

But I made a very good job of sweeping the floor, having carried a dustpan and brush all around London for a day.

floor sweepings

I am getting into dust big time, after seeing the fabulous show A Handful of Dust that is currently on at Whitechapel Gallery.

a proper gallery - Whitechapel Gallery

The show was all about dust.

I can sell you a bag if you come along to the MA show.

I will be helping to run the shop, where books that people have laboured over for hours and hours are being sold for about £5.

That's art for you....

You will find the dust considerably more expensive.

Anyway, the signs are up, so you won't get lost.

One work sums it all up nicely.

I will be the one in the tennis mask, too embarrassed to show my face.

Apparently Chris Evert looks like this.

Roll on Sunday and the Wimbledon tennis final.

He's the only one left in it.

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