Tuesday, 25 April 2017

waiting for some rain

fields on Romney marsh

So all my children have eloped to Canada where it rains a lot. Twice as much rain there as we have here in London.

For the last 6 weeks they have had rain almost daily, while we have had none. That'll learn 'em.

At some point the farmers and gardeners amongst us will be complaining.......

I saw a big cloud this week, but it didn't release any droplets despite my asking.

I shan't complain about that but I would like to complain about my geraniums.

The foxes have stolen them before I could plant them.

They haven't told me where they have taken them to, and they are probably dead by now.

But I am not in the mood for complaining.

Other half (OH) has done more than enough of that recently. He has developed a rare and dangerous rash of unknown cause. It makes him itch and scratch. I provide helpful doctorly advice such as 'put some cream on it'. He ignores my advice and then complains some more.

His legs aren't much cop either. He is talking about getting an electric wheelchair. Always the optimist....

None of this has stopped him going to work, or cycling to the pub.............. but it is all very serious nonetheless.

To compensate and in an attempt to keep myself in a  healthier state than OH I have taken up running.

Couch to 5k is my goal. I am on week 5 of an eight week programme. Today was hard. I had to run for 16 minutes. Now for a marathon runner that is absolutely nothing, but I am a mere beginner, and it is only my friends that are keeping me at this. Without them I would have fallen at the first hurdle.

The sea wall at Camber is a great place to watch clouds and birds. Or go surfing. Or walking, or running.

sea wall, camber sands

I keep trying to find landscapes in the concrete.

This is my latest. it reminds me of sea and sky on a grey day.

Even grey days have their upside.

Landscape photographers love them. The moodier the better.

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