Saturday, 25 March 2017

the sun always shines

I am in Vancouver.

It rains a lot here, so I have resorted to making work from above the clouds where the sun always shines.

So much more colourful than grey.

People here compensate for the weather by doing lots and lots of yoga, dressed in very colourful, fancy fitness gear.

If  you can't beat them, join them.

I was wearing some very old M&S leggings and T-shirt in black and navy. And my water bottle was PLASTIC. OMG. I hardly dared use it. No one would know that I refill it with tap water.

I have experienced chalk and cheese in my two exercise classes. One was a boot camp that nearly killed me, and was run by a guy who fancied himself as a drill sergeant. He made us chant about our pelvic floors and pretend we weren't going to poop on an imaginary small dog whilst doing about one thousand arm exercises.

Suffice to say that he and I did not hit it off. He threatened to write my name down in his little black book. I really didn't care whether he did or not. I never learned his name.

The other was a warm and friendly Hatha yoga class, with cushions for my sore knees, and some relaxing music. Rachel said 'hello' to everyone and had a beautiful smile.

I know which one I will return to when the sun is still not shining.

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