Tuesday, 4 October 2016

curl custard and placenta powder; some beauty treatment back at the ranch

 My other half is away.

swanning around the world apparently doing some 'work'

meanwhile back at the ranch the buidlers are here again.

A new loo.

It is progressing slowly, as building always does.

I need cheering up.

It is lonely in the empty house . Even the mice are dead.

I have decided to attend to my hair......to spruce up my ageing locks a little.

Give OH a bit of a surprise on his return.

Starting with curl custard.

Everyone loves custard.

 then some placenta

 so much choice

what colour shall I be?

and who do I want to look like?

a bit of fertilizer of course

and a dash of mayonnaise

I hope I look happier, and less disdainful than these ladies by the end of all this. Some of them have a nasty case of alopecia.

I will have some luscious curls

locked in with some gel

and maybe a bit of orange too

or green..... goes with the fertiliser

and then some lovely nails

so that when OH returns, I can open the door and fill him with wonder at my new look,

and fetch his pipe and slippers.

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