Tuesday, 20 September 2016

In which a very worried bear is rescued at Camber Sands

This is worried bear.

I rescued him with a  friend from a charity shop in Rye. He wants to go on adventures and tell stories.

I took him with my family to the beach to play.

He was up for it.

Lifeguards at Camber Sands

He was thinking about safety at the beach and had a good chat to the new lifeguards at Camber Sands.

He sat on a post and looked at the safety signs for the kite surfers.

And then disaster befell him.

He was blown by a puff of wind into a deep dark hole, between the enormous new granite boulders that are the new sea wall.

I couldn't reach him, and nor could my daughter.

Worried bear was worried.

We were worried.

The baby slept as usual.

He lay there for several days until OH ( my other half) came to the rescue

OH is obviously a Blue Peter baby; coat hangers and duct tape to the rescue.

Down into the hole they went

And out came a very relieved and slight fuzzier than before bear.

OH got a Blue Peter badge.

Worried bear ran off to play at Pontins and then went back to the beach to ask the lifeguards why they hadn't been there when he needed them.

There will be no stopping him now.


  1. Excellent. Loved this and Laughed a lot. OH should get Gold Blue Peter Badge for his creative rescue attempt.