Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Turning chores into patterns with Adobe Capture

It is that time of year again.

We have had lots of men in the house, telling OH ( my other half) and I that the NEW boiler is not safe, that the water softener needs replacing,and that they would like to relieve us of large sums of money, whilst we stay home waiting for them to do so.

tools of the trade- the tree surgeon

The tree man has tidied up the garden by removing a tree that swamped its neighbours.

 He tells good stories abour near death experiences involving men and tree felling. He blames it on the over complicated new equipment that young tree fellers don't understand. I now understand what a topping down strop is, and have learned that he is 'branching out' from tree felling into garden maintenance as it is 'easier money'.

And I have mended two leaky sinks. My plumbing skills are coming along nicely.

Soon I will be the one popping around to other people to relieve THEM of some money and slapping 'DO NOT USE' stickers on their appliances. And they will be the ones getting text messages advising them that their plumber is on the way and here is her photo..... in case they want to reject her on grounds of not being as beautiful as they had hoped....

So instead of telling you about my trip to the Association of Illustrators stunning  ( and free) exhibition at Somerset House I am going to have to resort to more mundane subjects, for that is how my mind is at present.

Focussed on the mundane.

Such as macaroni cheese for lunch.

Mundane but so delicious.

And lots of washing to do. OH likes blue.

Here are some shirts hanging in the garden.

Chores over for a bit, life perked up a bit at the weekend when OH and I cycled into Rye to see the Rye Society Summer Exhibition. We enjoyed the show and were out by 11.00.

On leaving, we noted that the gas meter at the show was non compliant with current regulations.

Two flexible hoses...... tut tut

you see I am learning fast.

'Let me buy you a coffee' I offered as we stepped outside into the street.

'Oh no, I was thinking of a pub lunch' replied OH.

It was 11.00.

So we had to entertain ourselves as tourists for an hour before the earliest reasonable time for dining on a Sunday lunchtime; still breakfast time for most people on a Sunday.

We came across the Rye Castle Museum; the site of the old town gaol ( jail). Somehow we have missed this treat on previous strolls around the town.

 OH does like a bit of history.

door, Rye castle museum

I am less inclined that way. I blame it on Mrs Newsome, my history teacher. With her bright orange hair she sat at the front of the class and dictated notes to us, week after week, after deadly dull week. I learnt nothing, and have struggled to feign an interest in things historic ever since.

In the museum I found a few things of interest.

A man who clearly doesn't put as much emphasis on regular meals as my other half.

Add caption
 Some rules for prisoners.

Don't forget to wash your hands.... and 'be as clean and neat as circumstances allow'

I might use these rules at home in future. Dinner could be so much more civilised if we both dressed properly and attended to our hair.

I discovered some hydrostatic balls.

They were used to detect alcohol in liquids in the days of smuggling.  Of which there was a lot around Rye.

And some love token rolling pins. Filled with salt; a precious commodity.

Who could resist ?

Presumably the old fashioned equivalent of being given a hoover for Christmas.

love token rolling pins

Rye is clearly worried about how salt is used. No more love token rolling pins then.

Still waiting for lunch, I read the menu for the prisoners. OH would need to do hard labour, for he cannot live without his meat. Two ounces will not do it. Half a sheep might just suffice.

prison menu

Time passed.

I didn't sign the visitor book. I was glad to get back outside into the summer sunshine.

12.00 came, and we cycled off to the pub. For a very early lunch.

And it was good.

The rest of the day went swimmingly and we returned to the garden for a quiet lie down before tea.

cornus alba

As you can see I have learnt how to make patterns.

I have decided to turn all chores and everything else into patterns from now on.

cooking chore

And if you can guess what any of these are, below,  then I will send you the original image to use as wallpaper.

All of the above patterns were made on my ipad using Adobe Capture . Try it!

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