Friday, 15 July 2016

photography as meditation - at beaver lake and beyond

Beaver lake, Vancouver

Everyone seems to be talking about mindfulness and meditation. Quieting the monkey mind - that inner voice that is so keen to comment on what we are up to in an often unhelpful way.

I tried drawing for mindfulness, but kept cheating by looking when I was supposed to be keeping my eyes closed.

I can concentrate on my breathing for about 3 seconds before I get distracted by my inner monkey.

I have been unable to write due to unhelpful thoughts about what I should or shouldn't be writing about. I am more interested in children's stories than fine art right now.

A poem written but not shared.

And then I remember Beaver Lake in Vancouver where I walked with my grandson and realise that these repetitive walks that I take, both at home and abroad, are indeed a form of meditation.

As I make images, even with my phone, I think only about what I am seeing and all other thoughts are quiet.

beaver lake, stanley park

 I don't need to meditate.

beaver lake, stanley park

Just take a walk outside with a camera.

beaver lake, stanley park


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