Friday, 22 April 2016

I'm on the train...... urban panoramas with my iphone

I am taking a while to re-adjust to suburban life after the green fields of New Zealand.

I saw her majesty on TV last night on a farm in South Island. My heart jumped momentarily.

South London is just not the same.

I am preparing for an exhibition in Rye next weekend, and have a room filled with wrapped frames, ready to go.

But this week my photography has all been urban, on journeys back and forward to London.

Phone panoramas give a flavour of the journey.

Buildings and trees compressed depending on the speed of the train.

Victorian houses and urban scrubland with a car park or two thrown in along the way.

And at the other end my heart wasn't really in it.

So I distracted myself looking for orangy-red things.

And captured my shadow on the pavement in the evening sun.

lost in the city 1

lost in the city 2

So come and see me in Rye with the lovely Tenterden Artists next weekend and say 'hello' and I'll be happy as Larry to see you.

And I'll be able to show you some photos from places that I love, full of colour and joy.


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