Thursday, 14 January 2016

A postcard project - on the pleasures of good old fashioned pen and paper...... from me to you....

Picture Postcard Country

I am back from my Christmas holidays, and doing some work. Well, that's what I tell my family...

I have visited so many picture postcard places that I feel it is time to mention my postcard project.

It began in Vancouver.

My son asked me to send him lots of real postcards when I left the country, and my first choice was from the Vancouver art gallery.

I chose it because it has many things in it that appeal to my photographic eye..... a big tree, power cables, an urban scene.

I posted it, and suggested he send me a photo of it at the other end.

He duly obliged.

And there began a project to keep me amused in the lonely hours when I have nothing to do but play with my camera.

I send a postcard.

The recipient sends me a photo of it at their end.

Choosing postcards and writing them has been a source of much pleasure.

Postcard from Glenorchy

Postcard from Ranfurly
Ranfurly is art deco country.

They have a little museum.

I have to diverge for a moment to show you the device for storing eggs that the locals used before egg containers were invented.

There was a rather nice photographer in the museum

mr right

and I rather fancied the woollen swimsuit for when he invited me to the beach.

Anyway, the point is, that I have no idea what will come from this project. It is the doing that matters right now.

I have written from Moeraki with a  flat white.

Moeraki postcard

Stewart Island with the worlds best battered blue cod and some water.

Stewart Island postcards

I have discovered the art of Grahame Sydney and fallen in love with Central Otago and the Maniototo plain.

Grahame Sydney postcards and beer 

I took his postcards out to the Maniototo region that he loves to paint.

Central Otago


At Stewart Island we discovered the muttonbush plant, that was used legally for writing letters until the 1970's.

Muttonbird scrub bush, Ulva Island

Muttonbird scrub leaf postcard

I tried writing my own, but didn't have the right ink ( resin from the Rimu tree)

It has a lovely leathery texture.

Muttonbird scrub leaf letter

I will save the postcards at their destinations for another day.  There is more work to be done with these, and I don't want to influence recipients in how they choose to photograph their cards.

If you would like to be involved, and will be happy for me to share your photo when the project comes to fruition, then please message me via my Facebook Page.

I will leave you with another from Maniototo.

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