Tuesday, 1 September 2015

International Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition 2015 - in which I got lucky.

Svolvaer © Caroline Fraser 2015

Who would have thought it.

Earlier this year I dragged OH ( my other half) to the Lofoten isalnds in arctic Norway.

Opportunities for serious photography were seriously limited by the need to keep OH entertained.

One morning before breakfast I crept out early to the harbour of Svolvaer about 100 yards from our small cottage amongst the fishing nets, waiting for OH to wake up and cook me a fine breakfast of fried eggs.

Morning light, Svolvaer

more morning light, Svolvaer

The morning light was lovely, but the scenery was a bit unconventional for a 'proper' landscape.

I got drawn to the frosty grass beneath my feet, and starting playing around with double exposures.

The sun was coming up, and there was no interest in the sky.

Multiple exposure in camera is a very hit and miss affair, but it is possible to use the same image more than once as the base for the multiple exposure.

I tried various combinations of grass and buildings .

 And then I got lucky.

A happy combination of light and shadow, with two seagulls to complete the picture.

And it six months later it was selected as one of the top 101 images in International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015.

No one was more surprised or delighted than me.


  1. Beautiful work. I thought you may have captured reflections in a shallow pool of seaweed. Fascinating process.

  2. many congratulations, it is a very striking image and really plays tricks on your eyes