Monday, 2 February 2015

birds in flight - compositing on the ipad - on art and photography

Murmuration by Fiona Watson - etching

I went to the London Art Fair 2 weeks ago.

OH ( my other half) came too.

And there I found birds. Soaring and free.

OH found free whisky, and kept himself happily amused while I drooled over the birdies.

'Murmurations' by Fiona Watson and birds in flight from 'Mirando al cielo' by Rosa Basurto were the most memorable images of the day from my perspective.

works by Rosa Basurto

I found the images uplifting. Something to do with the birds.

I have a thing about murmurations.

This one is fairly extraordinary. Amoebic. Visceral.

Anyway, you get the picture.

I started wanting birds in my images.

And as I don't have any photos of flocks of birds I realised that I might need to starting cutting and sticking some in. Compositing, as it is otherwise known.

So I started playing around with my ipad using tools for cutting and sticking.

These are some that I use on my ipad.

I started with a stone.

flint stone

I added a photographic landscape

Then some texture, some lightening and finished with an imagined landscape.

Complete with birds.

flint stone composite- imagined lands 

There will be more stone images. I have a lot of stones from around the world.

But first I need to photograph lots more birds.

And teach them how to fly.............

Not to mention refining my cutting out skills.

You can keep up with my 'stone of the day' experiment here

Some of the apps that  I use are listed below;

Snapseed for a variety of lens and texture effects

Juxtaposer for superimposing images

DistressedFx   for textures

There are many out there, and many are free.

Just like the birds.

And apparently the whisky.....

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