Sunday, 9 February 2014

test drive

A glorious sunny Sunday.

Having declined my landlady's offer to visit the Presbyterian church I put my new ( very old) car to the test.

Conscious of the fact that my mobile might not work if I broke down in the countryside, and also conscious that I have no idea who to call if I do break down, I had a last minute change of plan re the days activities.

I had planned a 4 hour hike up a river and back, but chickened out after imagining all the possible disasters that could befall a lone female in the middle of nowhere up  dirt track.

I decided to stick to busier roads where at least someone might pass me should my vehicle let me down
and set off to the Catlins.

Which is here, at the very bottom of South Island.

About an hour east from Gore.

Penguin and seal country.

Down dirt roads, where the flat whites don't taste like flat whites, and the car radio fades into nothingness.

First stop, Nugget Point, to mingle with the tourists. We all traipsed down the hill to view the rare yellow eyed penguins from a hide above the beach.

But they were all out fishing.

Onwards to the lighthouse sitting above the nuggets.

Nugget Point Lighthouse


Nugget Point lighthouse

Passing some beautiful views along the way.

cliff top flora

Then on to Surat Bay to see a lone sea lion

Back into the sun as the tide went out, I played with the light on the wet sand and water.

Surat 1 © Caroline Fraser

Surat 2 © Caroline Fraser

Surat 3 © Caroline Fraser

Surat 4 © Caroline Fraser

Surat 5 © Caroline Fraser

Surat 6 © Caroline Fraser

I was in heaven.

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  1. *Seems as if you might have found your own.. 'Kirk'