Saturday, 16 November 2013

only in Palm Springs

Do you get to find out that Marilyn wears 'big pants'

venison holiday stew
Do pooches get to dine on 'venison holiday stew'

and to wear frilly pink tutus and Santa outfits

Christmas pooch apparel

Can you then pop to the wonderful Museum of Art containing stunning sculptures, including a horse made of bronze cast from pieces of driftwood and a man hewn from wood, holding shovels.

can you ride from the desert, up the hill tow and a half miles by rotating cable car to a wilderness area with snow on the ground, where the bog plants lie rotting into the ground and go for a 3 hour hike without meeting another soul.

decaying bog plants in the wilderness, high above the desert

Can you see the trees in the forest lying in chaotically, felled by fire and wind and left to decay without human intervention in the Mount San Jacinto State Park

Mount San Jacinto state park

Can you have a conversation with a fellow tourist at the top of the cable car on top of the mountain that goes thus……..

she to me ……..." are you from England?'

I to her……………..'yes i am. are you going for a hike too?'

she ……….              "I don't know how to hike………..what do you do?  what will you see?"

me, somewhat lost for words………………..'trees and nature and the wilderness…………..'

which we did.

And it was good.

For a place that I went to with preconceived ideas about elderly folks who play golf, I was wrong on all counts.

A little bit of blue sky and some palm trees can be remarkably therapeutic.

Hotel California, Palm Springs

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