Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Just another Wednesday.............. George Clooney and his crew invades Camber Sands

Just another Wednesday............ I woke in Camber Sands this morning frustratingly early for a non work day.

I had a cup of tea.

I read the Camber newsletter from which I discovered that '20,000 potholes have been filled in on the roads around Camber and Rye' and that the Camber christmas tree is likely to be 'much more exciting in 2013'.

I wait with bated breath.

Not exactly world class news.

But the sun was shining and the sky blue.

I had my breakfast, cleaned some windows as you can when you get up far too early, and then set off for a walk to the beach.

Off I traipsed to the dunes. It was quiet in the village. The bus stop was deserted.

The shellfish stall was closed.

 I no longer have a dog to keep me company or to read the dog information, so I was free to wander over towards the main path to the beach.

But it was cordoned off by men in security jackets and police. The car park was full of caravans, jeeps and trucks.

Behind them gathered men in second world war uniforms.

I asked one of the security men what was going on.

"They are filming on the dunes"

What is the film?

"It's a war film".........

Ah yes.

"You just missed George Clooney"

Not really what I wanted to hear.

Firstly I had no idea whether he was serious, and secondly, it seemed that I was too late to catch a glimpse of the man himself.

So I ran home and collected my camera which I had left behind in the knowledge that I would be going out later with a friend to do some photography.

On my way back to the beach I bumped into two girls in jogging gear.

"Do you know that George Clooney is on the beach"?  I asked them.

"We certainly do; the whole of Rye seems to know............we told our husbands that we are going for a jog.............on the beach of course.........."

So we all climbed the dunes in the hope of a glimpse of some famous people.

And when we got to the top we could see George..............

He's the one in the middle.

They are filming  Monuments Men and George is acting and directing. I am told he has a rather unattractive moustache for the part.

The local policeman stuck up in the dunes to keep the riff-raff away was finding it all rather tedious and disappointing; he also had failed to get up close and personal.

The joggers jogged off up the beach, and I went back home to sit in the sun.

Later I went to Rye harbour to do some proper photograohy, unhampered by security men and cordons.


  1. a little photoshoppery, a bit of copy 'n' paste.....George Clooney can be anywhere you want him to be. Could even lose the pesky 'tash

  2. 'await with bated breath' for the camber xmas tree! big dollop of sarcasm there. All arranged by volunteers of course, but naturally pictures of bus shelters are far more 'exciting'!

  3. Dear anonymous. thank you for your comment. The images of the bus shelter and closed shops were part of my narrative about it being very quiet day in Camber until I discovered the filming on the beach. Not 'exciting' as you suggest; just another ordinary, rather quiet day.
    If you feel offended by my remarks then I am sorry. It is never my intention to cause offence.