Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Secret Garden

Light on Water 7 © Caroline Fraser 2012

If your art work had to represent a literary work what would you choose?

That is the challenge put forward by the Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope gallery .

Having read the brief, I pondered for some days over how I could link my current work to the brief. I wasn't getting far until I considered the project that I am currently working on, 'Light on Water' . These images have been created from a pond that I visit, deep in the woods in the heart of suburbia.

Light on Water 5 © Caroline Fraser 2012

It occurred to me that this pond has become my very own secret garden; a place that nourishes the spirit and gives pleasure, just as the garden in The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett does for Mary Lennox.

This story is one of my favourite books from childhood, describing how the discovery of a wild and secret place transforms the fortunes of the sickly, unhappy child, Mary Lennox.

My wild and secret place also lies close to home, just as in the book.

It is a secret place for me.

I have never met anyone there whilst I have been there. Today I spent some time there with my camera, but also I took a notebook and wrote some words..........

The Secret Garden

The pond lies deep.

Unknown to most who pass her by

on the other path

to the top of the hill.

A secret place,

a refuge.

Shared only with my dog who stirs her up

and wallows in her murky bed.

Thirst quenched,

body cooled.

With each passing different patterns emerge

in this, my secret garden.

A place to play. 

Wind and  water  do their part;

transforming surfaces


leaf, branch, tree, bud

rain, drop, 


giving pleasure

giving life.

Light on Water 6 © Caroline Fraser 2012

I will continue to work on this series regardless of the brief, but it may inspire me to work a little harder.

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