Saturday, 21 January 2012

naturally sun ripened artery clogger ; on litter and health warnings

naturally sun ripened artery clogger © caroline fraser 2012

I have a little obsession currently with cigarette packets; this is the one that started me off; on my daily walk around the block with dog I inevitably see at least one discarded cigarette packet in the gutter, if not more. This one grabbed my eye as it appears to show a caesarian section - is that a baby's face in the doctor's hand? The closer I look, the less I am certain, but one thing is for sure, it isn't a pretty sight, and I am drawn to the contrast between the upper text and the lower ........ they don't really fit well together.

I wonder how much attention the owner of the packet paid to these words, and doubt very much that they were influenced by the warning.

Maybe this one is more powerful?

smoking kills © caroline fraser 2012
Personally I find this one "smoking kills" more impactful, but as I don't smoke it hardly matters. I shall carry on with this little project  until my family discover the dirty packets that I am hiding in a not to be revealed location and demand that I quit.


  1. now you see for some of these when the slogans first came out, well it was a bit of a game. The consequences of smoking , well we know them. But I always asked for the packet referring to pregnancy!...which makes you realise that perhaps graphic pictures or simple words are best. Or is it that we are our own worst enemies

    on the other side of the coin: I was always shocked by the difference between the healthy person and the smokers lung on the poster in our school science lab. For 15 years I worried...and then someone pointed out that the other person wasn't that healthy either (smoking rooms bring out poor humour!)

    1. Jeanne; it seems you are ahead of me on the slogans front;I have only just started noticing how gruesome some of them are; I think they have as much impact as the posters in doctors waiting rooms; there must be a better way; maybe we need a graphic design input to make you actually want to read the slogans in the first place; I'll get my number 2 child onto it right away!