Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The joys of InDesign and outdoor photography in suburbia

I have a plan........

springtime in Bromley

finally I have an idea about what I am trying to produce. I have realised that I need to be outside to do my photography, and so there will be no more studio shots from around my home or anyone else's. As I mentioned before, I have written a poem called "Hawkwood", and I plan to make a book containing words and  images from the National Trust site of that name. It is tucked away behind Chislehurst station, and many locals are unaware that it exists. It will be a bespoke book, and for that reason I have now to achieve the following skills

firstly bookbinding; I have a two day course planned at Falkiner's bookbinders to learn the basic skills that will enable me to bind my own book. Having visited their shop I am very excited about the prospects of working with hand made papers and Japanese prints.

Falkiners bookbinders

Secondly I need to master InDesign. This is proving to be an immense challenge; after two days of watching U-tube videos and experimenting, I have finally managed to get a grip on creating Master pages and documents. This afternoon, while the sun is shining outside, I have been fighting with my printer, which will NOT print a booklet for me, no matter what I try. I have exported files to different formats, tried another printer, and all I have achieved is a microscopic version of the intended booklet that I hoped to print to show my achievements thus far.

Dog is getting lots of walks; around the streets of Bromley and down to the woods, but is having to be very patient when I stop to capture something suitable. As well as the book I am concentrating on the "bushes of suburbia" as opposed to "The Buddha of Suburbia" whose author also comes from around here.

one of the bushes of suburbia

I hope to show the contrast between the well groomed gardens of Bromley and the relative wilderness that lies down by the Kyd brook, otherwise known as the River Quaggy according to Wikipedia. There is a wealth of opportunity at the moment with the spring flowers.

Right now, I can't bear to be indoors any longer; I shall go back to the river and capture a few more rays of sunshine.

sun on Kyd brook

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